Topic outline

  • Sinjska alka-connection between the past and the presence


    Story framework:

    A young couple with a 6-year-old son decided to visit Croatia. They booked plane tickets and accommodation in Split. They decided to explore small nearby towns and try to get to know local people and their customs and traditions. Continue reading to find out what happened next!

  • 1. More about Sinjska alka

    The young family enjoyed watching Sinjska alka, they had never seen anything like that before! So, they decided to find out more about the tournament, its history and its rules.

  • 2. Welcome to Korčula

    After their visit to Sinj and witnessing the knights' tournament firsthand, the young family decided to explore Croatian hidden gems even further. This time, they decided to visit the island of Korčula. They rented a car and took a ferry. During their walk around the old town, they came across posters showing dancers dressed in traditional costumes and carrying swords. They became interested instantly and decided to buy tickets to see the dancers performing the traditional sword dance called Moreška.

  • 3. Famous souvenir

    On their way back to Split, the young family decided to stop at a local shop to buy authentic Croatian souvenirs for their friends and family. One souvenir in particular caught their attention: a small red heart, colorfully decorated. They decided to ask the shop owner about the souvenir. They found out that those gingerbread hearts had been made in Northern Croatia for centuries.

  • 4. Traditional local carnival

    On the last day of their travel, the young family decided to rent a car to drive back home along the coastline. They wanted to explore the northern parts of the coast and visit their friends in Rijeka. They went sightseeing and went to lunch with their friends. At lunch, their friends told them a legend of Kastav bell ringers and the carnival.

  • 5. Lace-making tradition and more

    After visiting Rijeka, the young family had time for one more short trip. They decided to visit the island of Pag and learn more about traditional lace-making!

  • 6. End of the story

    It was time to go back home. The family brought a lot of fond memories from their trip. They enjoyed their time spent in Croatia and they learned a lot about Croatian culture and traditions. They all agreed to come back to Croatia to enjoy the sun, see, local food and rich cultural heritage once more.

    Greetings from Croatia!