Topic outline

  • Module 3. Local craft and handwork

    Story Framework

    In this submodule, we follow the adventures of Piotr, a young entrepreneur who starts a new business in Wrocław. In his new shop, he wants to sell traditional craft and manufactures from all over Poland. Accompany Piotr as he travels around Poland and meets various people producing traditional Polish products, trying to collect merchandise for the shop.

  • So what is this whole crocheting about?

    Among numerous handworks, crocheting and embroidering were the ones that have always fascinated Piotr the most. Perhaps it was because his Grandma – the one he had never had a chance to know – was a famous needlewoman in a family and even when she passed away, her works have always been present at both Grandpa's home and shop. What is more, numerous examples of local embroidery or crocheting are among the national candidates for UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. Therefore, when Piotr decided to keep the shop open and to fill it in with local manufacturing and craft, the first person he hired was Ela, an elderly lady specialising in crocheting, embroidering, and knitting…

  • Honey, let's go honey hunting

    Piotr wanted to have various products in his shop, including numerous delicacies. At the beginning, he was thinking about traditional Polish dishes, such as pierogi, different soups, or bigos. However, he figured that there are already plenty of restaurants around Old Market with delicious food, including those mentioned. Moreover, storing such short-term food could prove itself problematic and costly. In the end, he decided that the perfect food product for his shop will be... honey. But not just any honey - only the honey from wild beehives...

  • The hunting season

    Furniture can be made of various materials and Piotr finds out that bone is one of them. Discover the secrets of this peculiar craft in this section!
  • A thing of beauty

    Source: MEDIA WNET, Under the license Creative Commons 2.0

    Piotr's journey takes him to Bolesławiec. His friend, Kuba, tells him how the most recogniseable Polish pottery is made.

  • All's Well That Ends Well

  • The End

    Piotr has opened his shop. Every day he wakes up happy and goes to the work he loves. The shop is designed in order to cherish the memory of Piotr's grandpa as well as Polish customs and traditions. And it is (un)surprisingly popular! Hundreds of tourists visit Piotr's shop every day and he always tries to spend at least a couple of minutes to talk with each one of them and to learn about their country as well. If you ever happen to visit Wrocław, look around carefully and maybe you'll find Piotr's shop on one of the cobbled streets of the city. And if you are able to answer the questions in the game below - you will surely get a discount!